Commune’s Julian Koh: Creating The Perfect Modern Vintage HomeIdeas on creating the perfect modern vintage home

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23Mar 2017


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There’s an enduring power that vintage items hold across eras, in the way they can instantly conjure up a nostalgic atmosphere of the ‘good old times’ and lend an air of authenticity. In fact, two styles – mid-century modern and Art Deco – continue to be popular today because they emphasise well-designed objects with a timeless look. Such furniture sits very well in contemporary homes and interiors – and they can still feel fresh and modern today, standing the test of time while evoking a sense of familiarity.


Our current generation – particularly the Millennials – is focused on capturing a sense of handcrafted authenticity and historical credibility in everything they own, which can be conveyed easily through the timelessness of wood. This desire to recreate the beauty of an analogue world that emphasises craft, passion and detail, is a response to a fast-paced world becoming increasingly digital.


The Bruno furniture collection that I designed for Commune was inspired by this. It features rustic finished acacia wood laid in a classic herringbone pattern, paired fashionably with age-worn brass. With its modern vintage elements, the collection was designed for individuals who appreciate old-world sophistication and elegance in the modern age.



By Julian Koh, Design Director at Commune

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