Andrea Savage’s Basic Interior Design Tips

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18Mar 2015


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Are you about to kickstart your own interior design project but not sure of where to start? Here are 4 things to consider before you even pick up your paintbrush.

Choosing Color with Confidence 
Color is paramount to a successful design – it influences mood and atmosphere, be bold and paint a ceiling in a room a colour it can dramatically change the perception of the space. A dark colour will visually lower the height of the room where as a lighter colour will make a room feel much taller.

Geometry reflects the language of the universe; they often appear infinite and add rhythm and interest to a space. They tend to become a main focal point of an interior so decorative accents tend to work well so they don’t over power. However, be daring and bold by committing to a larger application such as a bespoke carpet, the use of geometrics are at the heart of good design!

Importance of Window Treatments
Window treatments add beauty, softness and style to a room and frame your view to the outdoors. Drapes should ‘sweep’ the floor and not be hung at a short height it gives the similar impression as a short pair of trousers. They should be hung as high as possible drawing your eye upwards and providing the illusion of a taller ceiling.

Light and Mood
Light is one of the most important aspects of an interior space, it sets off the design as well as shapes the mood of a room. You can have a brilliant interior but the wrong lighting can make it seem dull and boring. It’s important to have a layered lighting plan to set off an interior scheme using a warm white!