Basics To Decorating Your Room

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16Mar 2015


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Do you have an item that you can’t bear to part with?
What are some of your favourite items? It could be a vintage camera or a wacky momento. You can use this group of personal objects as the starting point for styling a room.

Feel roused in your favourite store
From your treasured fashion stores to flea markets, capture images of items you want to own and print out pictures from store websites. You can even create a mood board and soon you will find that all these images reflect your personal style.

Have friends whose style you admire?
Have you visited a friend or family member’s home and wished you could recreate the look? Make a list of features you’d yearn to have in your home, such as a couch for friends to relax or a specific desk by a window. Compile all these inspirational ideas and weave them into your home.

What colours are you naturally drawn to?
The trick to selecting a colour scheme is to narrow down your options. You can begin by collecting swatches of the hues you’re inclined towards, then edit the selected colours to one colour palette.

Where do you love to sit and relax? If there’s somewhere you love to go where the lighting is just right, the furniture creates a serene ambience, where the décor is really chic, then why not borrow their look? Take snapshots and construct a picture of your optimal space.

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