Cameron Woo On Designing The Perfect Ladies’ RetreatTips on how to give the lady of the house what she wants.

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The lady of the house is always a very important person in the design process and after many years of working with my discerning clients, there are a number of tips I wish to share with you on how to give the lady of the house what she wants.

A Private Retreat

Her own grooming space is what a lady wants most. Whilst having a separate room to create your retreat is best, you can also create something similar by allocating some space, or an alcove, instead. Create a space in the home which is a place of tranquility and a private zone for the lady of the house such as a dressing table, reading room, private study or dressing room. The space should be intimate and warm, so ambient lighting such as swing arm wall lamps with dimmer switches are highly appropriate especially over a dressing table where soft lighting is required for make up that is being applied.

Artwork and Mirrors

The placement of artwork, such as a collage of family photos or a collection of artwork or prints always provide insights into the homeowner’s personality. Artwork also gives scale and proportion to a room and so I recommend that some time be spent on the selection of the artwork and where they should be placed. The mirror provides a focal point to the space and with so many beautiful mirrors to choose from these days, investing in a good one is worth it. In this example, we used a shagreen framed mirror in this CWD designed dressing room above, which looks timeless.


A fashionable lady knows that the finishing touches to any outfit are the accessories, and interior design is no different. As an interior designer, I aim to provide many opportunities for my client to showcase her accessories by providing tablescapes for her to display her treasured wares and useful storage, such as this CWD custom designed étagère shown in the dressing alcove interior as an example.

By Cameron Woo
Cameron Woo is the founder of Cameron Woo Design. He appeared as a Guest Mentor & Judge on The Apartment: Rising Stars Edition.
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