Cameron Woo’s Design Tips For A Spacious Kids’ RoomIt’s important to design their space that grows at pace with them.

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Children grow so fast that it’s important to design their space that grows at pace with them. So planning and designing their space ahead for their growing years is key. For this reason, I tend to design a more grown-up bedroom for children, unless specifically asked to do otherwise, as shown in this children’s bedroom I did.


Planning & Useful Storage

Focus on Sleeping, Solving and Storing: Create a place to sleep blissfully with a beautifully dressed and comfortable bed; have a desk for studying and solving their homework or their Lego creations; and, using smart, practical storage in their bedroom is key. Using loose furniture instead of fixed storage allows for changing the space as they grow, such as using attractive big baskets to contain toys, and drawer chests for clothes, for simple and easy access, instead of hanging which could be out of reach for children.


Personality & Playfulness

Apart from using colour, change the ‘square box’ dimensions of the room as we have here with the fantasy tent-like window treatment at the bay window and introduce interesting patterns into the bedroom by way of bed dressing and rugs. Framing and displaying children’s artworks not only adds to the character of their room but it makes them happy to know that it takes pride of place. Children love interesting patterns and playing make believe – I know mine do – and these items are easy to change as they grow.


Practical Comforts

Use dimmable swing-arm wall lights as a reading light and nightlight instead of a table lamp, to prevent accidents from knocking it over, and to allow for more tabletop space on the nightstand. Always try to locate a desk if possible for study and play near a window to access natural light and to allow for a bit of daydreaming looking out the window. The walls appear to be shimmering wallpaper but is actually a non-toxic special paint applied with decorative effect.


By Cameron Woo
Cameron Woo is the founder of Cameron Woo Design. He appeared as a Guest Mentor & Judge on The Apartment: Rising Stars Edition.
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