Creating a Minimalist Interior With Ethnicraft OnlineHere Are 3 Quick Tips to Creating Simplicity with Wooden Furniture

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When it comes to minimalism in interior design, the general rule of thumb is “less is more”. Wooden furniture makes it easy to play by the rules and is also the perfect foundation to build your own style and personality on.


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Keep to Simple Shapes

Design-wise, go for structured and uncomplicated shapes. The Oak Bok Dining Table makes for a durable dining room centrepiece and is a straightforward choice for any minimalist home. Pair it with the complementary Oak Bok Chair and you’ll have yourself a fuss-free and long-lasting dining set-up. For the messy bits of clutter we’re all prone to now and again, invest in a reliable storage unit. The Oak Blackbird TV Cupboard is home to your entertainment system and doubles up as the storage you need. Wooden furniture is just the right level of low-key so you’re free to inject some of your own style. Dress up the area with a stand-out piece, either a painting, some decorative cushions or a vase of your favourite blooms.


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Add a Dash of Colour

While it’s ideal to be selective with your colour palette, minimalism shouldn’t be confused with restricting yourself to purely shades of black and white. Neutral wooden furniture matches just about any colour you can think of so don’t hesitate to experiment by adding some dashes of the colours which represent you best. The Universo Positivo Merlin Lamp and Universo Positivo Pencil Holder come in a cheery yellow, both handy additions to any study table.


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Make use of Different Textures

Having a variety of textures makes your home warm and inviting, especially important for your bedroom. Opt for a simple and sturdy bed frame exemplified by the Teak Air Bed but contrast that with comfy plush blankets. Similarly, you can add a facet of femininity to the matching Teak Air Nightstand with some linen coasters. To literally liven up your space, potted plants are another way to introduce texture to the room and a beautiful complement to wooden furniture.


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There you have it! Think simple shapes, include your favourite colour or two and play around with textures; you’ll have your idyllic minimalist home of wooden furniture in no time.


Ethnicraft Online offers functional, beautiful and eco-friendly solid wood furnishings. Take your pick from its contemporary teak or oak collection, the playful Universo Positivo series, vintage-inspired Mr. Marius range, or the sophisticated Notre Monde collection. Shop online and make a hassle-free purchase here or visit its showrooms to experience the products for yourself!