Design Intervention’s Andrea Savage: Bring Harmony To Your Living RoomThe secret is in the symmetry

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24Mar 2017


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Symmetry creates balance, and balance imbues harmony, order, and tranquility. The human brain is programmed to find symmetrical arrangements calming and aesthetically attractive.. So if you want to create a calming home environment, then add some balance to your room.

Begin by centring the room on a focal point. This focal point should immediately draw your eye upon walking into the room. In this room, our focal point is the octagonal window. We have placed a bonsai tree in the centre of the window, further highlighting the focal area and have then arranged our room symmetrically around this focal point.


By Design Intervention’s Andrea Savage
Andrea is a Partner & Project Director at Design Intervention. She appeared as a Guest Mentor & Judge on The Apartment: Rising Stars Edition.
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