Design Intervention’s Andrea Savage: Tips On Singing The Blues In The BedroomThe world without blue and all its myriad of tones would be a sad place.

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23Mar 2017


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We are spoilt, living in a warm climate, we take a blue sky for granted until a succession of rainy days and grey skies makes us long for the return of that blue canopy overhead. The world without blue and all its myriad of tones would be a sad place.

Blue has the power to energise us when we encounter a bright splash of it in fashion and accessories; we enjoy it’s calming influence when we look at an endless blue sky from the ground below.  Gazing at a rippling blue ocean encourages our minor stresses to float away and restores tranquillity and soothes the spirit.

I LOVE blue!  Its vibrant hues both in my interior and wardobe never fail to energise me.

If you yearn for a playful touch in the bedroom, consider upholstering your bed in a strong, impactful colour like the turquoise fabric seen here, further contrasted with bright, punchy cushions.  The effect is still restful but with an element of fun and adds lightness and youthfulness to the overall scheme.

Organic materials such as timber marry very well with blue as both are colours of nature which surround us everywhere, everyday.  Together, they are undeniably elegant and refined.

So be happy Singing the Blues in the Bedroom, letting them work their magic to calm, soothe or energize you!

By Design Intervention’s Andrea Savage
Andrea is a Partner & Project Director at Design Intervention. She appeared as a Guest Mentor & Judge on The Apartment: Rising Stars Edition.
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