Design Intervention’s Andrea Savage: Tips For Re-designing Your Master BedroomThe bedroom is a private sanctuary, where we can truly indulge our personal design style.

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The bedroom is the most personal space in the home. Here, we are not designing to impress guests or please multiple family members. The bedroom is our private sanctuary and it is here that we can truly indulge our personal design style.

When designing your private sanctuary, think about how you want to feel, refreshed and rejuvenated, calm and at peace, luxurious and decadent or romantic and sexy. There is no right or wrong, pick a theme that works best for you and then begin your room scheme.

In the bedroom featured above, our client had asked for a sexy and romantic space. Sultry, smokey tones set an intimate mood, while metallic accents add an undercurrent of glamour. Plush velvets and rich furs add a tactile, sensual ambience but it is the soft mood lighting that completes the look. Lastly, use multiple light sources for a layered lighting effect, putting them on dimmer switches for a totally romantic bedroom experience.


By Design Intervention’s Andrea Savage
Andrea is a Partner & Project Director at Design Intervention. She appeared as a Guest Mentor & Judge on The Apartment: Rising Stars Edition.
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