Tips To Cleaning Your Walls Before Painting

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16Feb 2015


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1. Get rid of all the dust
To kickstart this process, use a cloth or dusting brush to eliminate any cobwebs, dust and loose first – this will protect your paintbrush and paint by ensuring that they stay clean and free from dirty during the application of paint.

2. Extract all mould
It is ideal to make sure that your home is well ventilated because damn and airless areas are conducive spaces for mould to grow. To extract any visible mould, spray mould killer on the wall, which you can buy from most supermarkets and hardware stores.

3. Eliminate old paint and paper
Check your wall surface. If your current wall surface is shiny and you are painting it matte, you will need to gently sand it down using a fine-grade sandpaper. To get rid of wallpaper, a wallpaper remover is highly recommended as it contains a ‘digester’ that softens and loosens the glue. Without it, any glue residual may discolour the paint later on.

4. Spruce up your walls
When you are done with the removal of old paint or wallpaper, wash down the surfaces that you intend to paint with diluted liquid detergent and hot water. Do note that if you are painting the kitchen, they may be grease on the walls, so try using a slightly more concentrated solution of liquid detergent. Ensure you rinse of any residues with clean water and most importantly, leave the walls to dry completely before painting them.

To find out more about preparing your walls properly before painting, visit the Dulux website: here