Jamie Durie’s Outdoor Room Tips – Details, Details, Details

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13Mar 2015


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When you design, whether it’s outdoors or indoors, you need to consider details. What kind of considerations do you need to think of when you’re planning for a space that will be in the mercy of the elements?

Under A Cool Shade
One of the most important design elements that enables us to spend more time in our outdoor room is a ceiling. Now, by ‘ceiling’ I don’t mean a hard, closed-in structure like the one inside your home. I’m talking about something much softer while still offering protection, such as a pergola, a shade sail or even a giant umbrella.

Covering your outdoor room is essential, especially for areas where you entertain and dine, as well as places where children play. A ceiling outside provides shade, privacy, intimacy and protection from nosey neighbours. No matter how well designed your outdoor room is, if you feel exposed and vulnerable out there, then it won’t be utilised to its full potential.

Furnishings And Furniture
Decoration is the finishing touch that makes all the difference to the outdoor experience. Whether it’s for alfresco dining or an outdoor conversation setting, the furniture and the way it’s arranged will affect how easy the space is to use and how good it feels. A lot of furniture these days is ergonomically designed and form to the body, even in timber, metal and plastic. Guests will find it easier to settle in if the built-in bench seats include a backrest for example.

Fabric For Furniture And Awnings
When choosing fabrics for exterior use it is very important to consider the application and placement of the items.There are many different applications such as sunshades, awnings, umbrellas, upholstery of furniture, cushions for poolside furniture or lounges and daybeds, curtaining on gazebos or verandahs. Then off course there is table-top dressing such as table runners, placemats and napkins. Will these items be exposed to the natural elements 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? Obviously, exposure to sunlight and UV rays is an important thing to consider especially here in Australia where our sun is very strong. So you need to select fabrics that have high light fastness and UV stability.