Jamie Durie’s Outdoor Room Tips – How To Start

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10Feb 2015


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For as long as I can remember, nature and the outdoors has been a touchstone to my existence. So many of my earliest memories are infused and connected to being outside. As we get older, we start working, we get busy, and life gets away from us but whenever we think of relaxing, or taking time out with friends and family on weekends or holidays, where do we head? Usually, it’s to whatever our own personal outdoor space happens to be whether it’s just a balcony, courtyard, verandah, patio, or backyard.
Whether all you’ve got is a window-sill, balcony, rambling backyard or rooftop garden…it doesn’t matter, it’s your OUTDOOR ROOM and that’s why I’ve written these tips below outlining the basics you need to help you create your own dream outdoor room.

But Where to Start!
This is where most people will get stuck, there are so many magazines and books on lifestyle and outdoor living it is really hard to decide what style to run with.

My best tip is to look at what you’ve got, do a bit of an analysis on your garden:
• Write down what you like, what you hate, pull a few magazines apart and spread out your favourites.
• And have a look around you at the inside of your house, the colors, the furnishing, all these things will influence how your garden should look and feel.

One thing to remember: the garden will need to fit in with your existing house –colors and styles will need to flow out into the garden – otherwise you will end up with a garden that feels a little disjointed from the whole.

More tips to come! Watch out for it right here.