Jamie Durie’s Outdoor Room Tips – The Eye-catching Elements

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4Mar 2015


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Last time we talked about focal points that act like “visual magnets” which help lead the eyes to where you want. Here are some of the main elements that can help you do that.

Trees are the backbone of many outdoor spaces, creating structure or screening an unattractive outlook, providing food or dappled shade. They can be used to create an enveloping sense of intimacy or provide a cooling roof, creating a shady oasis for a hot glary spot in your garden.

Trees often form one of the main elements within a design of a garden. If you are lucky enough to have the space, try to plant at least one special tree in your outdoor room.

Planters And Pots
The limit is your imagination when it comes to designing with planters and pots. With so many different products on the market taking advantage of new and different materials, you can create just about anything.

There are endless varieties of pots to suit any style of garden. Low rectangular planters are great for dividing a space, plant them with tall grasses to add softness. Tall narrow cone or rectangular shaped pots look great lined up together planted with architectural structural shaped plants. Low bowls and large round pots lend themselves to bold simple plantings, often used as a feature at the end of a pathway or next to an entry pathway. There are even pots that can be used as lighting, they illuminate when a light is placed inside.

Fire Pit
The fire has always been a natural gathering place for people throughout history. As a source of warmth it is automatically something that brings us together but it is the cultural associations of security, story telling and sharing of food at a fire that make us persist with the fireplace when there are higher technology sources of heat available now.

In our outdoor rooms this is an important design element. There are several ways to incorporate a fire pit into your garden such as having one built into paving into ground level. Alternatively select a large stone carved bowl or a manufactured metal fire pit with a stand and a fire guard. These of course, are some of the big things to consider. But in design, the devil’s in the details. Wait for our next post where we delve into to some of those important considerations.