Tips to creating a feature wall

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2Mar 2015


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1. Highlight the wall that your eye is first drawn to
The wall you choose to feature should be the space where your eye is first drawn when you step into the room. Walls with existing design features or fireplaces also work well. If possible, avoid walls with windows or doors, as they are likely to draw away the effect you are creating.

2. Be bold with colour
If your walls are already painted a bright hue, complement the walls with a colour that is a few shades darker or lighter on the feature wall. If your room is already a neutral colour, choose a robust shade to give the room instant depth.

3. Be strategic with your furniture
Placing furniture at strategic locations can work magic at aiding to accentuate your feature wall. In the living room, you might opt to paint the wall where the sofa is located. Avoid eclipsing the wall with excessive furniture to avoid overwhelming the room.

To find out more about creating feature walls, visit the Dulux website: here