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1. What inspires you?
Browse through a range of magazines and utilize online sources such as blogs, Instagram, Pinterest to collect images that spark your imagination. When you have compiled the images that represent the theme you like, you will most likely start to see a pattern in the kind of colours and shades that your eye is inclined towards.

2. What furniture are you keeping in the room? Do you intend to keep any of the existing cushions, curtains, carpet or furniture?
If these are neutral in colour they most likely will not alter the colours that you paint your room. If you have any furnishings that are bold in colour, you may like to refer to them as a starting point when you select your colour palette.

3. When is the room used most? Will your room be used primarily in the morning, afternoon, evening or all day?
The amount of natural daylight your room takes in will influence the way colours look within your space. If a wall is exposed to direct sunlight during the day, you may want to opt for a stronger shade of your selected colour to prevent it from looking lusterless by the bright light.

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